Home and School

Ms. Frankenburger is the lead of the Home and School Association at Ethan Allen School.  If you wish to join the Home and School or need to contact her please call the main office and you will be transfered to Ms. Frankenburger or someone will take a message and give it to her as soon as possible.


Safety Corridors

Safety Corridors is a group of volunteer parents who help with the arrival and dismissal of students.  This is all coordinated through the main office.  Ms. Frankenburger helps with the positioning of the parent voluteers.

*If you wish to volunteer you must have all child clearances, back ground checks, and finger prints completed.  You can get the papers through the main office and payment is waived as long as you go through the main office.



Many parents would like to volunteer on their child’s school trip.  Please remember you may not always be chosen due to the availability of space and prices of tickets.  However, if you do voluteer and have been picked to help out on your child’s trip you must have child clearances, background checks, and finger prints completed.  These papers are available through the main office and payment is waived as long as you go through the main office.

Please be aware for your child to attend a trip all must be done prior to the trip:

  • all forms must be completely filled out
  • any money that is due must be turned in by due date (if there is a financial problem please descretely let your child’s teacher know)
  • any medications must be handed to the school nurse so the nurse can make sure your child’s teacher is aware of what they must do

On day of trip please be aware of the following:

  • your child must be in the appropriate attire set by his or her teacher
  • your child should wear appropriate shoes or sneakers
  • school lunch will always be provided but if you send a lunch DO NOT send any glass products and send lunch in a paper or plastic bag with their name and room number on it
  • do not be late to school that day  (the buses will not wait for your child and their is no refund)
  • remind your child how you expect them to behave on any outing you would take them on