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School Advisory Council (SAC)

SACs are peer-elected, collaborative teams composed of family members, the school principal, teachers or other school-based staff, students (for schools with grades 7 – 12), and community members. SACs champion the work for improved student achievement, effective teaching in the classroom, parent and community engagement in the educational process, and communication and support between home and school.


Dear Families,

We appreciate your interest in volunteering for your child’s upcoming school trips. Please be advised that due to space limitations and ticket availability, not all volunteers may be selected.

For those willing to contribute and successfully chosen, we require the completion of child clearances, background checks, and fingerprinting. These necessary documents can be obtained through this link

We would like to highlight that the associated fees for these clearances are waived if obtained through volunteerism.

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students. For further assistance or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Joy McIntosh at


On the day of the trip please be aware of the following:

your child must wear a school uniform.
your child should wear appropriate shoes or sneakers.
school lunch will always be provided but if you send a lunch DO NOT send any glass products and send lunch in a paper or plastic bag with their name and room number on it
do not be late to school that day  (the buses will not wait for your child and there is no refund)
remind your child how you expect them to behave on any outing you would take them on.

Please be aware for your child to attend a trip all must be done before the trip:

all forms must be filled out
any money that is due must be turned in by the due date (if there is a financial problem please discretely let your child’s teacher know)
any medications must be handed to the school nurse so the nurse can make sure your child’s teacher is aware of what they must do


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