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Ethan Allen School Faculty and Staff Directory


Dr. Houston Email

Assistant Principals

Mr.  Richard
Mrs. Martin Email

Climate Manager

Mr. Century

Ms. Moore -Email:
Ms. Gabriel -Email:
Ms. McDonald -Email:

Ms. R Peleg -Email:
Ms. Feusner -Email:
Ms. Fortunato -Email:

Ms. Abdullah -Email:
Ms. Davis -Email:
Ms. Turner -Email:

Ms. Braunstein -Email:
Ms. Tieri -Email:

Ms.Gisselle Burrell -Email

Ms. Valentina Ruffo-Email:

Ms. Crawford -Email:
Ms. Michaelczck -Email:
Ms. Palentine -Email:

Ms Krista Neiss – Email :

Ms Megan Foley – Email

Ms. Black (Math & Science) -Email:


Mr. Binder (Math & Science) -Email:

Ms. Cidney

Ms. Griffith (ELA & Social Studies) -Email:
Ms. Ortiz -Email:

Ms.Debra Brown (7th Grade ELA) -Email:
Mr. Kroposky (Social Studies 7th grade) -Email:

Mr. Lebofsky (Math) -Email:
Mr. Stomsky (Science 7th & 8th) -Email:

Mr. Kroposky (Social Studies 8th grade) -Email:

Ezra Goodman  (8th Grade ELA)
Dr Ojo (8th Grade Math) -Email:
Mr. Stomsky (Science 7th & 8th) -Email:

Ms. Trainor -Email:
Ms. Sabir -Email:
Ms. Loftus -Email:
Ms. Rodriguez -Email:
Ms. Kuriakose -Email:
Ms. Leach -Email:
Ms. Holzworth -Email:
Mr. Luroe -Email:

Ms. Millman (4th grade) -Email:
Ms. Sauermelch -Email:

Ms. Cerasi -Email:
Ms. Vinerova (6th & 8th grades) -Email:

Ms. Edger (Art) -Email:
Ms. Spross (Art) -Email:
Ms. McDonough (Reading) -Email:
Mr. Picariello (Physical Ed. & Health) -Email:
Mr. Terech (Physical Ed. & Health) -Email:
Ms. Frazier (Dance & Drama) -Email:

School Psychologist
Ms. Jefferson -Email:

Ms. Rose -Email:
Ms. Booth -Email:

School Nurses
Ms. Lebourne -Email:
Ms. Wilson (Fridays only) -Email:

Ms. Brown -Email:
Ms. Canuso -Email:
Ms. Cook -Email:
Mr. Miller -Email:
Ms. Morse -Email:

Mrs. Dean -Email:
Mrs. Heffner -Email:

Ms. Diaz -Email:
Ms. McIntosh -Email: