Nurses’ Notes

Parents please use this page as a resource guide to address health concerns and locate common forms that are required by the school district.

Required School Medical Forms:

  1.  Report of Physical Examination: MEH-1  (A physical exam is required of all students in Kindergarten, 1st, and 7th grades.)
  2.  Request for Administration of Medication or use of Suction, Oxygen, or Other Equipment in School: MED-1  (All medications or treatments required during the school day requires the MED-1 form to be filled out by your child’s doctor with a parents signature and medication brought in school with child’s name and label.)
  3.  Report of Private Dental Examination: MEH-155 (A dental exam is required for all children in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 7th grades.)
  4.  All children are required to have a physical and immunization record to register your child for school.  Please provide a copy of record from you family doctor to the school nurse.


Examples of True Emergencies:  (To be sent immediately to nurse.)

Asthma, hives (allergic reaction), breathing problems, fainting, head injuries, injury in class involving swelling or bruising, suspected abuse, etc.

Examples of Things for Open Hours:

Headache, stomachache, “feels warm”, lost baby tooth, head lice, old injury from home, sore throat, scratches

Health Center Location:

Health Center Locations